The Ten Best Recurring Jokes on TV

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01.21.11 54 Comments

Ladies and genetlemen, please welcome once again Josh Kurp, Warming Glow’s official Listführer. I think this is his finest contribution yet.

Considering no one actually reads intros to lists, I’ll just say one thing: catchphrases like “D’oh!” or “Hello, Newman” aren’t recurring jokes. To the list!

#10. Peggy’s Huge Feet on “King of the Hill”

The average-sized Peggy has gigantic feet, measuring at 16 and 16 ½ (women’s sizes), causing her much distress. Throughout the show’s (still sadly underrated) existence, the writers went back to her huge feet time and time again, including the episode “Transnational Amusements Presents: Peggy’s Magic Sex Feet,” which presumably inspired this lovely piece of slash fiction and these sensually slowed-down YouTube videos.

#9. The Misery of Hans Moleman on “The Simpsons”

Someone getting hurt is always an amusing gag, which is why Hans Moleman is one of “The Simpsons'” biggest fan favorites. According to this website that hasn’t been updated since 2000, Moleman has died eight times on the show. I will never doubt the reliability of a site, so we’ll go with that figure, but here’s what else we know about Hans: he’s 31 years old, looking the way he does because he’s an alcoholic; basically blind; often gets hit in the groin with a football; had his brain drilled in by Mr. Burns, who mistook Hans for the Lucky Charms leprechaun; slept with Lars Ulrich’s grandmother; and clamors for blood at youth hockey games. Most tragically, no one’s gay for Moleman.

#8. Frank’s Gun on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

A friend once described to me an “Always Sunny” drinking game, where viewers have to take a shot every time Dennis takes off his shirt, the guys make fun of Dee, Charlie does “Charlie Work,” etc. But my favorite was this: every time Frank Reynolds, played to disgusting perfection by Danny DeVito, whips out his gun (an actual gun, you perv), the group has to drink. Considering Frank takes out his gun in situations ranging from shooting a bunny in the woods (or at least trying to) to entering Paddy’s Pub when he thinks it’s on fire, contestants get blackout drunk quicker than Charlie and Frank do huffing glue and eating cat food.

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