‘The Venture Bros.’ Bite The Big Apple In The Long-Awaited Season Premiere

Everybody was in a rebuilding phase when we last saw The Venture Bros. Venture Industries was burned to the ground, The Guild of Calamitous Intent had to rebound after The Sovereign attempted a coup, and The Monarch was literally living through a house renovation, which looked like no fun at all. Though of the three, the Ventures looked like they had the easiest transitions, as they inherited JJ’s multi-billion Venture-Techno conglomerate in Manhattan.

It was an adjustment of sorts.

The new money allowed Dean to enroll at the local University….

… while Hank decided to go full playboy.

Rusty’s new status also led to the O.S.I. upgrading their bodyguard.

Oh, and “pretty much The Avengers” were also trying to vie for Dr. Venture’s money.

On the antagonist side, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and the rest of the Council were having issues rebuilding the Guild after The Sovereign left things awry.

The constituents weren’t pleased…

… leaving the Councilwoman no choice but to make a deal with level 10 Guild member and Venture’s new neighbor, Wide Whale.

Meanwhile, The Monarch, with Gary at his side, wasted no time in attempting to arch Dr. Venture again. However, inadvertently getting the Captain back on tranquilizer darts…

… would wind up being their undoing.

Sgt. Hatred, having nothing better to do than guarding his old family… also didn’t help matters.

But none of these blows would top the one dealt by Dr. Mrs. The Monarch.

The strangest duel of the night was happening on the rooftops. Hank deciding to snoop around on his neighbors…

… led to some confusion from an all-too-eager Crusaders Action League.

Though they did save Hank.

And in the end, things were resolved and back to normal. Well, mostly normal.

At least nobody got killed, unless you count J-Bot.

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