The VMA’s Happened; Beyonce’s Pregnant

08.29.11 7 years ago 13 Comments

I’m much too old and cynical to be watching MTV’s Video Music Awards, but as a blogger I’m required to acknowledge that they happened. So here’s everything you need to know: Beyoncé announced on the red carpet that she’s pregnant, Lady Gaga dressed in drag, Justin Bieber looks more like a lesbian than ever before, and people remembered that Amy Winehouse died. There you go. I just saved you four hours with that one sentence.

You know what I watched last night? A little bit of the Saints-Raiders preseason game and seven episodes of “Friday Night Lights.” I’m watching from the very beginning, and even though I’ve seen most of Season 1, I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I come to tears almost every episode. That’s how awesome Minka Kelly looks in a cheerleading uniform.

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