‘The Walking Dead’ Continues To Gross Us Out With Behind The Scenes Photos Of Busted Up Heads

The general opinion of most people we’ve spoken to about The Walking Dead’s season seven premiere is thatit went a little too far with the smashing of the skulls and the mashing of the brains and all that. Who knew it was possible for a show about flesh-eating zombies to gross out its viewership?

We very much doubt The Walking Dead show runner Greg Nicotero is about to apologize. In addition to being the executive producer for the show, he’s also the head of special effects. Coming up under horror movie legend Tom Savini and working on zombie effects since 1985’s Day Of The Dead, he knows everything there is to know about creating a truly disgusting scene, and he was undoubtedly excited to give Glenn and Abraham some deaths that would scar fans for life.

After the premiere he went ahead and put up behind the scenes photos of the casts, prosthetics, and makeup that went into Glenn’s death, and now he’s doing the same with Abraham. We’ve gotta warn you though, these are seriously gross to look at. Still want to look? Okay, we warned you…

Feeling a bit off after that last one? Maybe you need to chase that with some silly Walking Dead memes. There’s also this good news: Nicotero has promised that this week’s follow up episode won’t be anywhere near as traumatic as the premiere.