‘The Walking Dead’s’ Finale Audio Might Offer Some Clues As To Who Dies

WARNING: Possible spoilers for the controversial and questionable ending to The Walking Dead season six below.

On the season six finale of The Walking Dead, someone died at the hands of “Lucille,” the barbed-wire baseball bat of Negan, kingpin of “The Saviors.” Unlike the comic book in which he was introduced with a violent bang, Sunday’s finale was far more of a cliffhanger as we saw the brutal death of one of Rick’s squad through their own, bloody eyes. This, dragged-out and soap opera-esque ending miffed plenty of fans, but fans of the comic know (spoiler ahead)…

…that Glenn is killed by Negan in one of the most disturbing scenes in the books. Perhaps we’ll start TWD season seven in October well past that fateful night Negan chose to avenge his people with a random and brutal beating. Maybe exposition will reveal who was killed, considering how downright disturbing it was in the books. Maybe AMC wanted it this way? Or perhaps season seven will begin with Rick and co. in tears and vowing vengeance against Negan, with a crushed body laying beside them.

Either way — the months it will take to find out the fate of their favorite characters may be a long one for Walking Dead fans. That’s why isolated audio from the finale’s final scene is quite interesting.

This audio from YouTube user Federico Trione sheds some light on this dark subject. You can hear fairly obvious clues that seem to point reveal the fate of Glenn, who, just like in the comics, falls to the power of Lucille.

(Via Federico Trione)

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