The Longest-Running Joke On The ‘Walking Dead’ Set: The ‘Carol And Daryl’ Spin-Off Theme Song

When Norman Reedus said last week that he bawled for a full hour before filming the devastating final scene in the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, my mind immediately jumped to Melissa McBride. I hope that her character, Carol, doesn’t die, but I can’t think of anyone else whom Norman Reedus would be so completely devastated about losing.

They are close on set. In fact, I stumbled upon a video posted to YouTube four months ago of Reedus and McBride on set singing the theme song to their The Walking Dead spin-off, Daryl and Carol, and got a little misty thinking about the possibility that it might never happen if Carol dies. And then I found out that they’ve been singing the theme song for years.

Here’s Norman Reedus singing it in 2012:

Here they are singing it earlier this year on Conan:

Here’s Reedus singing it in the summer of 2013 for MTV:

And what might the Daryl and Carol spin-off look like? Norman explained to Access Hollywood back in 2012:

“We were talking about having a spinoff and it’s Daryl and Carol living in Central Park, and all the squirrels are going missing so Bloomberg’s putting out announcements that the squirrels are disappearing and we have sort of a [distillery] and tourist come by … and we try to charge them money,” he explained. “We have theme song that goes, ‘Carol is sterile and Daryl is feral/a match made in hell.’ So you never know, maybe that will happen.”

Don’t let Carol die! Let the spin-off dream live!