‘The Walking Dead’ Companion Series, ‘Cobalt,’ Has Revealed Its Sunny Setting

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12.16.14 40 Comments

With AMC seeking to quickly rebound after a few misfires in 2014 (Halt and Catch Fire, Turn, both of which were renewed), the network is rolling out Better Call Saul in February, ordering up a pilot for Seth Rogen’s Preacher, and gearing up for a spin-off on its flagship franchise, The Walking Dead.

As we’ve mentioned before, The Walking Dead spin-off — which has a working title of Cobaltis less of a spin-off and more of a “companion” series set in the same universe. No characters from The Walking Dead will be expected to spin-off into Cobalt, which would be particularly difficult given where Cobalt will be set.

According to TV Line, Cobalt will take place on a completely different coast. It’ll take place in Los Angeles, though it’s unclear if that is where the show will also be shot (or if another city will stand-in of L.A.).

Cobalt has also already begun to piece together its cast. Cliff Curtis (Gang Related, Missing) will play the male lead (a divorced teacher) opposite the female lead, a guidance counselor, and her two children, played by Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam Carey.

Should Cobalt go to series and utilizze the same programming strategy as The Walking Dead — two half-seasons of 8 episodes apiece, separated by a couple of months — AMC could essentially fill most of its year with The Walking Dead shows. If Cobalt is even half as successful as The Walking Dead, it would give AMC a lot of opportunities to launch new series and keep the network in the news all year long, and not just when The Walking Dead or Mad Men is airing.

Source: TVLine

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