‘The Walking Dead’ Fans All Agree That This Was The Best Part Of The Show’s Return

After an agonizing wait between Episodes 15 and 16 of the tenth season of The Walking Dead and another agonizing wait between Episodes 16 and 17, the series finally returned this week with an episode appropriately titled, “Home Sweet Home.” It was appropriate because (after watching so many episodes of Fear the Walking Dead and The World Beyond) watching the parent series felt like home again. It was also appropriate because the episode represented a huge homecoming for Maggie Greene, who returned to Alexandria for the first time in eight years.

The episode introduced a new antagonist — The Reapers — and featured a very awkward interaction between Maggie and Negan. We also got to meet two of Maggie’s new friends, Cole and Elijah. Easily the highlight of the episode, however, was the first appearance of Hershel Rhee, the son of Maggie and the late Glenn Rhee.

Hershel spent most of the episode away from the action, after having purportedly been kidnapped by The Reapers, or at least the super soldier representing The Reapers. As it turns out, however, Hershel was very successful at hiding, and so Maggie finally came upon her son late in the episode chilling in a tree.


It was the big, crowd-pleasing moment the episode needed, and Twitter exploded.

That’s the kind of big, heartwarming moment we love about The Walking Dead. It’s good to have it back. The series, and Hershel Rhee, will return next Sunday.

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