This ‘Walking Dead’ Fan Claims To Have Cracked The Code For The Season Six Finale Cliffhanger

WARNING: Possible spoilers for the controversial end to The Walking Dead season six in this post. It’s all speculation, but it could also be true.

So now that we’re a good week removed from the end of The Walking Dead season six and folks are still searching for answers. Why would the showrunners do this to fans? Who did Negan use Lucille to turn into mush? Why is there a petition asking for AMC to drop everything and produce a bonus episode that gives it all away.
That last point is important because they apparently don’t need AMC’s help. YouTube user and Walking Dead fan slaykone has the answers for you in two opposing videos. The first deals with how Glenn apparently bites it using Eeny-meeny-miney-mo as the key to the mystery. The order isn’t in the actual speech by Negan, but in the images shown on the screen. That’s why they decides to remove the sound from the first clip.

But then, a second clip emerges. This time it’s Daryl biting the big one and taking it like a champ. This uses a similar formula, but instead follows a different pattern for the murder that ends with Daryl at the end of the bat.

The only sure thing here is Carl lives. You can’t feed Rick his eye if it’s all smashed to goo on the ground. Also apparently Eugene lives because he’s on the other side of Carl, at least according to this video. They could’ve easily followed the book and had someone drag the unlucky soul out to his or her doom. We’ll likely just have to wait until next season or until fans storm the offices at AMC and demand answers. They’re going to go to the papers, Scott Gimple!

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