Right On Cue, Fans Are Petitioning ‘The Walking Dead’ Over The Season 6 Finale Cliffhanger

04.06.16 3 years ago 24 Comments

WARNING: Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead season six finale ahead, or not. Can’t spoil what didn’t happen.

So we’ve heard plenty of things about The Walking Dead season six finale to this point, countering the idea that the show is on its last legs or in trouble. If Donald Trump has taught us anything, any kind of press can be helpful for you to a point. Ratings were down for the finale, but the season seven premiere might end up being one of the biggest due to this outrageous cliffhanger the show has levied.

Or it should unless a group of fans get their way. In response to the finale, some fans have started a petition to find out who Negan kills and their demands just seem so reasonable:

I would like AMC to show us who Negan killed in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. We want this either in an interim episode that borders Season 6 and 7, or a short R-Rated webisode that shows us the death in all it’s bloody glory. Either of these are fine as long as it’s released before May 30th.

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