‘The Walking Dead’ Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment

Five and a half minutes is excruciatingly long for a video on the Internet, but if you can summon the willpower to sit still and watch all of Bad Lip Reading’s version of The Walking Dead, I promise you won’t be disappointed. There’s just something about the phrasing of sentences like “Listen you pretty redneck, I’m taking your banjo,” “I’ll wash the dogs, but you’re washing the laundry,” and, of course, “I farted on you when you put banana peppers in the Wheaties.” Especially that last one. It’s an entire short story in 12 amazing words.

A personal note: These videos destroy me. Every time I see a new one I think to myself, “Eh, I don’t know,” and then I watch it and I laugh and laugh. I know it’s an incredibly simple premise, and I know it’s basically the same joke over and over again, and I do not care because I love it like a particularly talented child. If they ever get together and do one on Franklin & Bash, I will die from excitement before I even click play.

(Via Clip Nation)