Norman Reedus And Andrew Lincoln Try To Make ‘The Walking Dead’ A Little Brighter For Red Nose Day

The cast of The Walking Dead got a chance to get away from the gore and tension of their daily lives for Red Nose Day. Instead of facing down the hordes of the undead and Negan’s baseball bat, we get Jeff Goldblum, a dancing Sasha, and a musical performance from David Morrissey in the greatest Elvis getup they could find.

Much like those classic TV specials of the olden days — think The Star Wars Holiday Special — the cast gets a chance to laugh, joke, and dance around with some very special guests. Even Chris Hardwick gets in on the fun, sharing duties as Han Solo with Dax Shephard.

But Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln are already in a fun mood before the bit even starts. Not only are they wearing some of the most comfortable looking robes you could find, they’re also sucking down a pair of delicious milkshakes and bossing around Josh McDermitt. It’s a nice way to follow up last year’s Game of Thrones bit with Coldplay, complete with another appearance by Coldplay for some reason. Thankfully the Governor is there to bring everything back around. I really wish we could get him back on the show for just one more episode, dressed like this:

May-27-2016 00-06-29

Make it happen, dammit.

(Via NBC)