‘The Walking Dead’ Sets Up The Beginning Of The End With A Season 11A Trailer

The Walking Dead universe held multiple virtual San Diego Comic-Con panels on Saturday. In the process, fans received a look at Fear The Walking Dead‘s apparent non-time jump setting, and the universe’s flagship series released a Season 11A trailer, which previews the first eight episodes of the season. Expect two more same-sized chunks to follow for a total of twenty-four episodes as showrunner Angela Kang brings this series home in 2022 with the universe continuing forward.

Clearly, there’s a lot happening in the above trailer, which follows up on some first-look images (that showed a leather-free Negan). Carol’s seen preparing to leave “to fight ghosts,” which appears to be a nod toward her future spinoff with Daryl Dixon. Maggie’s shown taking off a Whisperer mask, and there’s some lead-up to confrontation with The Reapers. This teasing is going down while The Walking Dead: Origins limited series bridges some gaps exclusively on AMC+.

During the SDCC panels, The Walking Dead also announced that Laila Robins will join the cast as Pamela Milton with Josh Hamilton also joining as Lance Hornby; and Margot Bingham and Michael James Shaw were previously announced as new cast additions.

AMC’s The Walking Dead returns on August 22, although although viewers can get a head start on Season 11A episodes beginning on August 15. And there’s much more cooking in this franchise, despite the flagship series coming to a close. Fear the Walking Dead returns on October 17 (for Season 7), and The Walking Dead: World Beyond returns on October 3 (for Season 2). There’s the aforementioned Carol-Daryl spinoff in the future, too. Also, those Rick Grimes movies are still happening… at some point!