‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11 Teaser Offers An Enticing Glimpse Of The Wall Of The Lost

The Walking Dead is only halfway through its six Season 10 bonus episodes, but the AMC series is already looking ahead to the 11th and final season, which is currently filming and is expected to air starting this summer. This week, Skybound Entertainment — the production arm behind The Walking Dead — released a short teaser for the final season designed to tease comic-book elements from the final season. They also released another one last week:

The teasers offer glimpses of normal pre-apocalypse life, with a bakery, an ice-cream shop, and commerce. That’s because the final arc of The Walking Dead will take place in The Commonwealth, a community of 50,000 that has managed to piece together a normal civilization. There is, however, a major catch, which the characters from Alexandria will soon discover.


One of the more exciting turns in The Commonwealth arc, however, is The Wall of the Lost, used by residents of The Commonwealth to post pictures of their lost loved ones with whom they hope to be reunited. In the comics, the Wall of the Lost helped to unite Michonne with her daughter, although that is unlikely on the series. Michonne is currently not on The Walking Dead, and her character did not have a daughter.

More likely, however, the Wall of the Lost will offer a big opportunity for other characters to unite. The way that the Wall of Lost is currently being set up is to give Daryl an opportunity to reunite with Leah and/or Connie, Daryl’s two romantic interests, who are both currently MIA. There’s also the possibility that the Wall of Lost could provide a jumping off point for the Carol and Daryl spin-off, if for instance they decided to make it about Daryl and Carol reuniting loved ones based on pictures from the Wall of the Lost, which might even include Rick Grimes.

The tenth season of The Walking Dead, meanwhile, continues to air on Sundays on AMC.