The Wisdom of Gary Busey, Sink Farter

01.05.12 6 years ago 22 Comments

When did you first fall in love with Gary Busey? For me, it was when I saw Rookie of the Year, when Busey, as washed up pitcher “Rocket” Steadman, extolled the virtues of airplane Salisbury steaks. My admiration for the actor continued to increase when I watched A Crack In the Floor, listened to him laugh, and admired his creativity when he exposed the name of his penis. It’s Big Wednesday. The name of Gary Busey’s penis is Big Wednesday. And now he’s on “Celebrity Wife Swap,” exchanging partners with Ted Haggard and revealing to the world what he’s learned over the years. Hear them all in the video below, but here are some of the best.

On Recreational Hot Spots: “Earth is the best vacation place for advanced clowns.”

On Acronyms: “F-U-N: Finally. Understanding. Nothing. And that’s what’s fun about fun.”

On Acronyms, Pt. II: “You know what OK stands for?…Only. Kidding.”

On Religion: “Do you go to church?” “I am a church.”

On Spirituality: “I have a friend, he’s a full-blood Lakota Sioux Indian from Standing Rock Reservation, and he’s going to come do a spiritual ceremony.”

On the Past: “Let me share this with you: in the ’80s, I was severely addicted to cocaine.”

“I feel the presence of something coming, like a big black horse.”

“You mean like a limo?”


“You know what’s good about farting in the sink?”

What a wise man.

(H/T to @theryanwalsh and Matt)

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