Greatest Show Ever Made Coming to Netflix Instant

Twentieth Century Fox has signed a new multi-year, nonexclusive digital distribution agreement with Netflix. The first two seasons of Sons of Anarchy and the first season of Glee will start streaming on Friday, but that’s not the news. The news is that the deal gives Netflix access to the Twentieth Century Fox library, which means that The Wonder Years. And Ally McBeal, but who cares because THE WONDER YEARS. Fox will also make a number of library movies available to Netflix after their premium pay television license periods conclude, but furthermore I would like to reiterate The Wonder Years.

I have long championed TWY (as well call it in Wonder Years fan forum circles … not really) as the best show in the history of television, notably in the 25 Best Moments Of article on Progressive Boink. The Wonder Years has never hit DVD in any form greater than ABC Family bootlegs thanks to all the licensed music the show used, and because the Devil is a real person who looks to make our lives worse with his ways. Hopefully the entire run will make it to Netflix intact, and the worst thing you’ll have to live through is that crappy cover of “Blackbird” they used instead of the real one when Kevin and his dad are using a telescope.

Or, you know, this is just an April Fool’s joke designed to enrage me and make me throw my computer through a window. Why are some April Fool’s jokes just lies? That’s not a joke, it’s incorrect information. Hit me in the face with a shaving cream pie, don’t tell me you’re pregnant and then say “lol jokes.”

Not that that has happened.

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