There Were Several Heartbreaking ‘Doctor Who’ Easter Eggs Hidden In ‘Gracepoint’

David Tennant has done a lot of work since his initial exit from Doctor Who, but despite the volume of that work and its occasional brilliance (Broadchurch), he can’t escape his most defining role. Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to outwardly bother the long-time Whovian. And that’s a good thing for Clayton Flagg, who worked in the props department on Gracepoint, the US adaptation of Broadchurch that just wrapped its first season.

According to David Tennant News, Flagg is the architect behind the amazing on-set Doctor Who easter egg that series executive producer Chris Chibnall tweeted out last month.

Oh yes! Do read the names and the messages on the notes:

“Information regarding the library” from D. Noble (Donna Noble).

“Has information about Sally Sparrow” from Martha Jones.

“Something regarding a wolf?” from R. Tyler (Rose Tyler).

Here’s the real kick to the heart. On all the messages, “Telephoned” is checked off, but while the one from Martha has “Please call” checked off, the one from Donna does not. Because of course, the Doctor can’t have any contact with her, lest her brain melt. Feeling all the feels? No you’re not, you just think that you are. Let me kick it into overdrive for those of you who didn’t notice that Rose’s message has “Want’s to see you” checked off. Boom. ALL THE FEELS!

There’s no word if the notes that piled off to the side are from Astrid Peth, Joan Redfern, Captain Jack, or Wilfred Mott, but lets just imagine that they are. Not Madame de Pompadour, though. She already wrote her note to the Doctor.

(Source: David Tennant News via The Mary Sue)