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More fun time from the parade of human misery and dysfunction that is A&E. A recent episode of “Obsessed” featured a man whose OCD causes him to wring his hands for a period in upwards of 10 hours anytime he spots an El Camino. As Best Week Ever notes, this can’t be the most socially crippling case ever, as exactly how many times do you really see an El Camino anymore?

One day, A&E’s gonna to create the most distressing Rube Goldberg mechanism ever, in which people with OCD trigger one another ticks until a simple task is executed. El Camino car causes man to wring hands, which causes another guy to wash his feet 28 times, which in turn makes a woman put on exactly 13 T-shirts, making another woman turn her stove on and off, the sound of which makes another OCD sufferer drop lick the stamp I need placed on my letter. Ta-da!

Video after the jump. [Blog post jumps cause me to bite my left index finger for 25 minutes]

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