These Adorable Photos Of Lauren Cohan With ‘Walking Dead’ Fans Are Why Maggie Should Never Die

03.30.14 4 years ago 26 Comments

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Would it be weird to send a note to the writers of The Walking Dead saying, “Don’t kill Maggie, thanx, bye”? (No.) Also, it’s written in blood. (Still, no.) I have a lot of strong feelings about the AMC zombie series, which ends its fourth season tonight, but none are quite as strong as my affection for Maggie Greene and the actress who plays her, Lauren Cohan. Put another way, I like Maggie as much as CORAL likes pudding.

To kill her now, after her reunion with Glenn, would be strongly reminiscent of what Lost did with their lost lovers in its final season, and that would be a bad thing. A much better thing: getting rid of everyone but Daryl, Michonne, and Maggie. I’d say that’s a show everyone would watch, but everyone is already watching, especially these fans. They paid big bucks to pose with Cohan, and unlike most genre stars at a convention, who look like they’re in physical pain when they smile, she seems happy to be there. And to do the Charlie’s Angels post 943 times a day. It’s a living, and that’s why you shouldn’t kill Maggie.

And here’s one of Lizzie being terrifying:


Via Lauren Cohan & Daniel Gillies Addicted

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