These Are The 10 Movies Matthew Weiner Makes Everyone On ‘Mad Men’ Watch

Even by showrunner standards, Matthew Weiner is very particular. When Mad Men screeners are released to critics, they come with a list of plot points that journalists aren’t allowed to write about because God forbid anyone learn in advance that in the season premiere, Don Draper becomes the handsome Super Bowl-winning quarterback of the Baltimore Colts (oops, spoiler). He also, according to Gothamist, makes every member of the cast and crew watch these 10 films that “had an important influence on the creation of Mad Men.”

Before getting married, I made my wife watch Air Bud: World Pup. It’s basically the same thing.

-The Americanization of Emily
-The Apartment
-The Bachelor Party
-The Best of Everything
-Blue Velvet
-Dear Heart
-Les Bonnes Femmes
-North by Northwest

Ah, nothing like getting a buttery handjob while watching Frank Booth huff gas.

Head over to Gothamist to see Weiner’s reasoning behind picking each movie.

Via Gothamist