These ‘Missing Bikini’ Photos Of Alexandra Daddario Will Make You Watch ‘True Detective’ Again

Not that one needs an excuse to skip past season three of Arli$$ on HBO Go to watch True Detective for a third time, but here’s a good one: Alexandra Daddario. Just, Alexandra Daddario. Fans of Obama’s dream girl might be interested to know that Vanity Fair wrote a profile on everyone’s favorite “Another Woman” under the headline “The Case of the Missing Bikini.” Why, it’s almost as if Vanity Fair knows that people will click on an article promising photos of Alexandra Daddario without a bikini. We’d never resort to such subtle tactics. We’re far more obvious: ALEXANDRA DADDARIO NAKED BOOBS TRUE DETECTIVE.

The role of Lisa Tragnetti, which gave viewers an eyeful — the Upper East Side native bared all in a titillating handcuff scene with Harrelson — almost didn’t happen for her. “I never read for Lisa,” Daddario says of her auditioning process. “I initially read for the part of Beth [played by Lili Simmons], but they wanted me for this bolder, more adult role.” (Via)

In less shocking news, Woody Harrelson is a fan.

“She was incredibly focused, hardworking, and willing to try anything. She’s got those hypnotic eyes that people only get by wearing contacts, but hers are real and induce a feeling of euphoria. There was a scene where I come in, fight the guy she’s with, and she yells at me, and that was a little more challenging, but she has an ability to be flexible and real inside the scene.” (Via)

The crazy witch eyes strike again.

Photos by Ralph Mecke for Vanity Fair