This Female ‘Men’s Rights’ Attorney Is The Law World’s Version Of Ann Coulter

Meet Attorney Marilyn D. York, Inc., possibly the first ever female “men’s rights” attorney. Because while you’re being lazy buttholes lazing around in front of the television waiting for your dinner, your diabolical shrew of a wife is actually in the kitchen thinking of all the ways she’s going to bang your son’s baseball coach seven ways to Sunday and funneling your hard-earned cash into a secret bank account — all the while STILL BEING SLIGHTLY FAT from bringing your children into the world. For the love of everything holy, WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE MEN?

And don’t even get her started on nag wives who are so insufferable that their men have to go watch sports at the bar. (Probably while they’re at home screwing the baseball coach.)

“What makes a good woman a bad woman? You tell me, you’re the one who can’t watch the game in your own home.”

As much as I’d love to be offended by this, I laughed straight through both of these videos. Either this woman is the greatest comedic genius of our time or basically the devil.

(Via Jezebel)