This Seems Healthy.

08.02.11 7 years ago 11 Comments

Meet Tamara. She’s a 33-year-old woman featured on “My Strange Addiction” who has carried around her pillow (named Boo) for almost 30 years — without ever washing it. She never lets the pillow out of her sight and spends at least 18 hours a day in contact with it. As “Strange Addictions” go, this isn’t as creepy as the chick who eats couch stuffing, but still… Yikes.

She carries the pillow everywhere—to the gym, on long walks, the hair salon, and even puts it in the baby seat of her shopping cart at the grocery store. Her “addiction” to her pillow deepened when she was molested at the age of 7, and instead of going to therapy to deal with those wounds, she has found comfort in Boo. Her fiancé found it such an issue that the couple called off their engagement because of the pillow. By the end of the episode, she was still very much attached to Boo, although working on her relationship with her fiancé. [Jezebel via BuzzFeed]

Has no one in her life ever seen Mr. Mom? Because I could solve this problem with a fireplace and some matches. And how do you even date someone who carries around a dirty old pillow — much less get engaged to them? What’s that first date like? How does that thought process go? “Well, on one hand, she’s carrying around her childhood molestation pillow. On the other hand, I’m WAY horny.”

Video below.

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