‘The Three Stooges’ Is Returning To TV As An Animated Series

Last month, news hit that a sequel to 2012’s The Three Stooges is coming. If you’re a fan of the classic TV series but not the the recent big-screen iteration of Moe, Larry, and Curly then this news might be for you.

According to THR, a new Three Stooges animated series — not to be confused with The New Three Stooges cartoon from the ’60s —  is being developed by animation studio Titmouse:

Titmouse will produce 52 segments that will be 11 minutes in length, featuring the classic physical, visual slapstick humor for which the Stooges are known. The stories will have limited dialogue, which is seen as ideal for global audiences and multiple platforms.

Christy Karacas — the co-creator of Superjail! on Adult Swim — created the new series and will direct the pilot. The goal for the new cartoon is to have top directors in the animation community come in and give their own take on the classic characters.

Titmouse president Chris Prynoski released a statement about the series and it’s pretty clear he just doesn’t want to disappoint his father:

I grew up watching The Three Stooges with my father. When I signed on to helm this new show, I made a blood oath to my Dad that I would treat the Stooges brand like it was a newborn baby Fabergé egg. With the cartoon making team we have lined up at Titmouse, it’s sure to be the most batty, bananas, insanely giggle-inducing version of the Three Stooges your eyeballs and brainhole have ever experienced. Dad, I won’t let you down!

I’m sure we can all agree that a Fabergé egg wouldn’t last one minute around Moe, Larry, or Curly. Then again, that’s probably the point.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)