Tiffani Thiessen Is Whipping Up A ‘Saved By The Bell’ Reunion On Her Cooking Show

tiffani thiessen mark paul gosselaar
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Holy reunion alert, 90’s kids! Saved by the Bell costars and continuously well-coiffed people Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Amber Thiessen will appear on screen together again on the second season of Tiffani’s well-received Cooking Channel show, Dinner at Tiffani’s. Based on the idea that everyone should want to watch one of the 90’s most well-loved stars pal around with her show business friends while she whips up a meal (and seriously, who doesn’t want to watch that?), Tiffani’s goes through a different friend or group of friends every week as they swing through her perfectly polished kitchen.

In Richard Lawson’s conversation with Thiessen over at Vanity Fair, Thiessen does shoot down the idea that she’ll flirt it up with the ol’ Goss. Which is unfortunate, if understandable, seeing as they both have spouses now.

“He comes with his beautiful wife and it’s kind of a double date between myself and my husband and [Mark] and his wife.”

That still leaves the door open for lots of shenanigans once the two triple-named icons are having some drinks under the same roof. The real question is whether the duo will top any of the ridiculously 90’s moments from the original series run. There’s got to be some time to reenact that infamous “no hope with dope” PSA while they have margaritas in one hand and mini-quiches in the other. Or they could stage the entire episode on a white water rafting trip and Tiffani makes s’mores. Just a few completely legitimate and very possible ideas! Realistically, the episode has already been taped and they won’t listen to all of my brilliant brainstorming in order to mix things up. At the very least, they can take a break from being incredibly charming and let everyone know their lather-rinse-repeat routines so we can all get access to the secrets of gorgeously flowing hair.

(via Vanity Fair)