Hey Look, Here’s That ‘SNL’ With Timothee Chalamet And Bruce Springsteen You Didn’t Know You Were Looking For

SNL has always had random host-musical guest mash-ups. It’s impossible to top the April 14, 1979 episode that paired old school comedy icon Milton Berle with Free Jazz legend Ornette Coleman. But this one comes close: the forthcoming December 12 entry features floppy-haired prince (and future Paul Atreides) Timothée Chalamet with — why not! — rock god Bruce Springsteen.

Mind you, Chalamet doesn’t exactly have a new project to sell. His pricey stab at Frank Herbert’s Dune was postponed till next fall, although the Woody Allen movie he essentially disowned — A Rainy Day in New York, in which he reportedly does a shambolic impersonation of his director — did just pop up on PVOD in America. The Boss, meanwhile, just dropped one of his best albums in years, A Letter to You, and he even directed a movie, last year’s Western Stars. How is a 71-year-old more active than a 24-year-old Hollywood hotshot?

The show announced other upcoming episodes, too: Jason Bateman and Morgan Wallen team up on December 5, while Kristen Wiig and Dua Lipa will do up the year’s final episode, on December 19. Chalamet will be making his SNL debut, though this will somehow only be Springsteen’s fourth-ever appearance, having not done the show until 1992, opposite Tom Hanks. Maybe Springsteen can sign Chalamet’s copy of Nebraska, and Springsteen can sign Chalamet’s copy of Interstellar.