Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Assemble Their Own Squad In This Parody Of Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’

Every group of ladies need a squad, right? Taking a cue from Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler managed to showcase their own squad on SNL. Sure, it’s not all models, music superstars, and young women with shows on HBO in your typical squad, but Amy and Tina have that covered. They’ve got Amy Schumer because she owes Fey a favor, Gayle King because she’s everybody’s best friend, a very real OB/GYN, and the always entertaining Aidy Bryant busting out those slick rhymes.

I still don’t fully get the concept of Bad Blood, even at this point in the year. Is it one of those fever dreams like in Sucker Punch? Is it reality? Should I stop talking sh*t about Taylor Swift? I am just not sure. Also the entire world seems to be covered in fire, which can’t be good for crops.

All that said, I kinda wish I had my own squad. It’d likely be my therapist, the Asian watch repairman at the local mall, and the mailman. My real friends wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a pleather body suit (my choice), so I’d be forced to go for my secondary squad. We could just hang out at the food court and get the free samples all day. Bad ass.

(Via SNL)

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