Titus Andromedon Goes To Litchfield In This Fake Trailer For ‘Orange Is The New Black’

A new video from Moviefone imagines a very special cross-over episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Orange Is the New Black with Titus going to Litchfield.

Why is Titus in prison? It could be the time he killed a sentient singing-dancing robot, or maybe that time he used Kimmy’s boss’ house to film his “Pinot Noir” music video. Why was he sent to a women’s prison? Well, don’t think too hard about it. This is basically TV fan-fiction. It doesn’t stand up to logic.

If Titus ever went to Litchfield, I would love to see him take over the Christmas pageant. He could sew the costumes, like a tear-away frock for Mary or a fabulous sequined angel dress, or do a holiday remix of “Beat That B*tch with a Bat” with Taystee. Titus and Taystee are such divas, though, that neither one of them would want to share the spotlight.

(Source: Moviefone via Death and Taxes)