A ‘Silicon Valley’ Guest Star Accuses The Show’s ‘Almost All Male’ Set Of Enabling T.J. Miller’s Bad Behavior

07.18.18 8 months ago 24 Comments


Over a year has passed since T.J. Miller announced he would be leaving HBO’s Silicon Valley to do “different things” (like The Emoji Movie), thereby leaving Erlich Bachman to rot in an opium den for a potentially awkward amount of time. Deadpool 2 notwithstanding, whether any of these “different things” will come to fruition remains to be seen following a woman’s accusations last December that Miller had sexually assaulted her. Though as Superstore writer Owen Ellickson pointed out, male comics are still booking him for shows, which prompted former Silicon Valley guest star Alice Wetterlund to speak out online.

Wetterlund, who recently starred in TBS’ underappreciated People of Earth and guested in GLOW season two, worked alongside Miller and the gang in seasons two and three of the hit Mike Judge series. And according to her tweets on the matter, working with Miller was a “nightmare” and the “almost all male,” cast and showrunners “enabled him and were complicit in his unprofessionalism”:

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