TLC Lowers that Common Denominator Again, Making Show About Fat Pregnant Women

04.26.12 7 years ago 14 Comments

TLC, formerly The Learning Channel before it was apparently purchased by Satan’s Vagina, is trotting out another one of its brilliant reality shows designed to exploit the overweight, the terminal, and the ugly for our viewing pleasure. This one is called “Obese and Expecting.”

The network is set to unveil “Obese & Expecting,” about four moms-to-be who are morbidly overweight. The project will chronicle their health crises, weight gain and relationship struggles as they strive to deliver healthy babies. According to the upcoming announcement, “These women are challenging the perception — and the odds — of obese pregnancies, as they become moms, no matter their size or complications.”

Of course, it’s more of the same: Horrible voyeuristic crap. As someone whose wife just went through one of childbirth’s most rare, most complicated pregnancies, a pregnancy that would make most people piss themselves in fear, I can tell you this: It’s not very exciting. It’s a lot of sitting on your ass in a hospital bed, trying to find a moment of sleep while a rotation of doctors and nurses come in every half hour all day and night to poke, prod, inspect, and examine. But hey! With a some somber, foreboding music and some fancy editing techniques plus 600 POUNDS OF CELLULITE, I’m sure TLC will make it an our of your life gawking at overweight ladies that you’ll never forget.

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