To Celebrate His New HBO Show, Here’s The Best Of John Oliver On ‘The Daily Show’

04.24.14 7 Comments

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John Oliver’s big fancy HBO show Last Week Tonight debuts this Sunday in a big fancy post-Game of Thrones/Silicon Valley/Veep timeslot, which is really just an excellent piece of news. John Oliver is terrific, as we’ve seen over his entire seven-year run as a correspondent and guest host on The Daily Show, so there’s really no reason to believe this project will be anything less than that. I mean, this is the guy who invented the Carlos Danger dance.


So, case closed is what I’m saying.

But anyway, to celebrate this occasion, I’ve rounded up some of the highlights from his tenure on The Daily Show, which I will now present below. Enjoy.

His three-part Australia Gun Control Masterpiece

Welcoming the Royal Baby

Taking on the Tea Party

The Stewart/Oliver press conference after the Anthony Weiner scandal broke

Anthony Weiner again, because he’s kind of Oliver’s muse at this point

Coverage of the Royal Wedding

I love you, Sir Archibald Mapsalot

The couple who foreclosed on Bank of America

And, of course, a little Fox News bashing

Good luck with your new show, you delightful British loon.

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