Today’s Top Story: RZA Was On ‘Conan’

Let me be incredibly clear about something: As long as I am a part of this blog, anytime a member of Wu-Tang appears on a late-night talk show and talks about chess, puppy wigs, and his willingness to do nudity on a premium cable series, that is the day’s top story. I don’t care what else is going on in the world. The entire cast of “Community” could murder the entire cast of “2 Broke Girls” in the middle of Times Square while wearing propeller beanies and skin-tight t-shirts with puppies on them, and it wouldn’t change a thing. I am what I am.

There are two important takeaways from that first paragraph: 1) I am a liar, and; 2) RZA’s appearance on “Conan” last night was glorious. In the first clip I’ve posted below, he talks about his role on “Californication” and his openness to stripping down if necessary (“I’m in shape, kid.”), and how his wife would probably give him a pass for hanging out with Conan instead of her on Valentine’s Day if he brought back the mini Conan wig that the dog wears in the Puppy Conan sketches. Then in the second part of the interview, he discusses his endless list of nicknames, the importance of teaching chess and music in our schools, and wanting to play Jay-Z in a chess match promoted by Don King.

He’s also the guy who rhymed “to the top of your cerebrum cortex” with “make you feel like you bust a nut from raw sex,” so yeah, you could say he’s a Renaissance man.