Tom Hanks Joined Stephen Colbert In Answering Some ‘Big Questions’

Sometimes it gets difficult for late-night talk shows to fill the time with quality bits in between guests. In many instances, this results in a lackluster few minutes of television that could either feature a silly sketch, some quick fire joke about current events, or games. So many games. For The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, filler time between guests involves tapping Tom Hanks to join in and answer some “Big Questions with Even Bigger Stars.” That’s one way to blaze a trail into your own late night spot.

There are plenty of universe altering questions asked, but there is one important answer that needs to be dealt with out of this bit. The movie about the secret service dogs guarding the president’s dog needs to happen, immediately. The fact that Danger has not pitched this with Vin Diesel and the dog from Air Bud just shows that Hollywood isn’t out of ideas, it’s just not listening to them. Shut up and take my money for In the Line of Fur. Make it happen now. Start a Kickstarter, ring the bell at the top of Kid Showbusiness’ castle home and wake Martin Scorsese from his director’s slumber. He has work to do.

(Via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

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