Tom Hanks Dropped The F-Bomb On ‘Good Morning America,’ Remains Cool

10.19.12 13 Comments

Tom Hanks appeared on Good Morning America earlier today to promote his new film, Cloud Atlas. This, in and of itself, is not the type of thing we would drop everything to cover. Don’t get me wrong, Tom Hanks is great for many, many reasons, but we can’t just put everything on the back burner every time he pops up on TV — no matter how terrific his mustache is — because that happens a lot, and then we’d probably end up having to change the name of the site to HanksyPanky dot com or something like that to more accurately reflect its subject matter. We’d need to change all the banners and everything. Just too much of a hassle.

But here’s the thing: during his appearance today, while discussing the new film he is making with the Wachowskis, Tom Hanks dropped the F-word, unbleeped, on live television. That we will post, if only because there are not nearly enough Oscar winners saying filthy cuss words on broadcast television before 10 a.m., and I hope by doing so we start a trend that ends with Meryl Streep calling Michael Strahan a “gap-toothed motherf-cker” on Live With Kelly & Michael. That would be deeeeeeeeeeee-lightful.

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