Tom Hiddelston Re-explains A Scene From ‘Heat’ To Robert De Niro Before Doing An Impression Of Him

10.02.15 3 years ago 3 Comments

Tom Hiddleston might be Loki to most people, but to his fans, he is a gallant Jack-of-all-trades who can play any role — and any person! His impressions are famous, especially the ones he does of his co-stars (and also a dinosaur). He’s even done impressions of people to their faces, including Chris Evans. But as great and lovely as Chris Evans is, it’s not the same as doing an impression of Robert De Niro to Robert De Niro’s face, but that’s exactly what happened on The Graham Norton Show when both Hiddleston and De Niro were guests.

And Hiddleston went full The Chris Farley Show on DeNiro. First, he re-explained the premise of Heat. Then, he re-explained the scenes De Niro shared with Al Pacino. Then, he re-enacted a scene as Pacino and De Niro, and it was pretty impressive. And then he turned bright red, because he realized what a nerd he was being, and it was very adorable.

Celebrities — they’re just like us. Only not really at all.

(via The Graham Norton Show)

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