Tom Sandoval Was Roasted To Hell By John Oliver And ‘Saturday Night Live’

Imagine for a moment you messed up your friend group so badly that Jon Hamm and John Slattery have to step in and do a dramatic retelling of your explosive cast-member fight. You would take some time to reflect and maybe see a therapist, right? Even just a few weeks off to do a Mad Men rewatch? Seemingly, Tom Sandoval did some time reflecting, though it was on a different reality show, so it doesn’t really count.

Now that the new season of Vanderpump Rules is in full swing and fans are getting to see the consequences of last year’s scandal unfold, you would think that Sandoval would keep a low profile and try to stay out of the drama. Instead, he did a New York Times profile and subsequently inserted himself into even more drama by comparing himself to O.J. Simpson. He is a reality star after all, so what would we expect? Luckily, the world isn’t letting Sandoval return without making a few more jokes at his expense.

John Oliver took some time in a segment about “pig butchering” (a real scam!) to call out Sandoval on Last Week Tonight. “Pigs are awesome,” Oliver began. “They’re one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. They’re smarter than dogs, most three-year-olds, and Tom Sandoval.” It sounds extra painful with Oliver’s accent, much like Sandoval’s boss, Lisa Vanderpump. He’s used to being berated by posh Brits.

That’s not all! Sandoval was the butt of another joke over the weekend, though this one is weirder than pig butchering if you can believe it. On SNL’s Weekend Update, Marcello Hernandez appeared as a frozen embryo in reference to the jarring Alabama Supreme Court decision which declared that frozen embryos are legally people. He told anchor Colin Jost, “I don’t have a brain. I don’t have a heart. I’m like Tom Sandoval,” the “embryo” stated, adding that even without eyes, he can see that Tom is a “pure narcissist.”

It seems like we may never be free from Sandoval’s grasp. The only thing that would potentially make this all worth it would be another dramatic reading of various Vanderpump scenes starring the cast of Breaking Bad. They are great at ad-libbing.

(Via EW)