Tony Danza And Tupac Shakur Were Pen Pals

This is the greatest story of all-time.

“I was trying to make a point that since he had five bullets holes in him and he was in jail and he’s the same guy that wrote ‘Dear Mama’ and did all those great acting roles, I said, ‘Maybe there is a better way to do this. Maybe, I know you can’t be a goodie two-shoes in your business, but maybe there is a way to inspire kids,” Tony [Danza] said, recalling his exchange with Tupac while he was behind bars in 1995.

“I said, ‘Because you have such a great influence, responsibility comes with that,” Tony continued. “He wrote me back [and said], ‘Thanks for understanding me.’”

Eventually the unlikely pair became pen pals and many more letters followed. [Access Hollywood]

OK, a few thoughts:

– To recap: While Tupac was in jail on sexual assault charges, Who’s the Boss? star Tony Danza took it upon himself to send him a totally unsolicited version of the “With great power comes great responsibility” speech from Spiderman, to which Tupac Shakur — Death Row rapper and noted “Thug Life” tattoo-haver — responded, basically, “Thanks a lot, Tony Danza. You really get me,” and then they became friends. I repeat: this is the greatest story of all-time.

– I want those letters. I want them more than you can possibly imagine. I want them to be put up for auction, and I want to show up in a tuxedo and monocle, and I want to get into a bidding war with some dangerous-looking goon who is bidding on behalf of a secretive Russian billionaire, and I want to win, and I want him to be furious about it, and then I want to take the letters home and display them all under glass in an airtight case like they’re the goddamn Declaration of Independence and show them off to guests during fancy and elegant dinner parties. I don’t think I’m asking too much.

– I am going to need someone to make a version of “Dear Mama” called “Dear Mona,” with all the lyrics changed to be about the ravenous grandmother from Who’s the Boss?, and upload it to YouTube within 72 hours. I would do it myself, but I’m way too excited about all this to focus.