Top Chef Power Rankings, Week 7: Acid Bomb Vs. Mud Chowder

Senior Editor
01.13.17 17 Comments

This week’s Top Chef really had it all: high drama, multiple eliminations, and multiple contestants pulling such bonehead moves that the ending was like three or four people fighting to see who could jump in front of the cannon first. Ooh, ooh, shoot me! *I* want to stand behind my bad dish!

But before that was the dreaded ELIMINATION QUICKFIRE, which would send one loser home halfway through the episode. Harsh, man. Cullin’ those chefs like lame bison. The quickfire was actually an astrology-based challenge, celebrating the city of Charleston’s reputation for… uh… horoscopes, I guess? Each cheftestant got their pick from a chalkucopia of labeled stuff, corresponding to their category of sign.

Sorry, air signs, it’s only curing and dry aging for you, we’ll check back in six months.

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