Tracy Morgan Blames Mitt Romney For Hurricane Sandy

Jimmy Kimmel is taping his shows all this week in Brooklyn — last night was his first after Hurricane Sandy foiled Monday’s taping — and he had two of the best talk show guests in the history of talk shows, Howard Stern and Tracy Morgan, booked for the first show. Needless to say, there were LOLs to be had, especially when Tracy got to talking about his Hurricane Sandy experiences and who he thinks is to blame for the storm.

“New York ain’t never had no hurricanes. This has got Republicans written all over it. This has got Romney written all over it,” Morgan said emphatically. “As we get closer to the election, they trying to suppress the Latino vote!”

Sure, none of this makes any sense at all, but it’s Tracy Morgan — and it’s funny.


I smell a buddy cop movie!

(Via Gotcha)