Tracy Morgan’s Comeback Tour Included His First Time Doing Standup In 16 Months

Tracy Morgan has come back from his 2014 car accident with a vengeance, having started to make several public appearances and lining up gigs left and right. This Saturday, he’ll host Saturday Night Live and while he’s been in New York, he decided to hit up the comedy club circuit and return to standup. Twice.

His first stop was a set at the Comedy Cellar, where he actually joked about his recovery, saying that doctors think a cough he’s developed is because of weed and not the accident. He also ran into Judah Friedlander, his costar from 30 Rock, who was pretty psyched to proclaim that “T Money is back!”

But in case you think this was a lot for Morgan to squeeze in while rehearsing for SNL the same week, he actually did a second set. At another club. Here is proof:

There’s Morgan, doing even more standup at The Stand, proving that he’s more than just “picking up the pieces,” as he stated in his tweet from the Comedy Cellar, he’s straight-up getting life pregnant. He’s back on his feet, he’s back on stage, soon he’ll be back on TV, and then he’ll hit the big screen.

Makes you feel the tiniest bit lazy, but knowing that Tracy Morgan is back in action might make up for it all.