Treat Yo’ Self By Watching This ‘Parks and Recreation’ Supercut Honoring Ben Wyatt’s Butt

When Parks and Recreation takes its final bow next month, there’s no doubt we’ll have a difficult time saying goodbye to our beloved characters. After all, Leslie, Ron, Ben, Andy, April, Tom, Donna, Chris, Ann, Jerry (oh, Jerry), and everyone else have given us some damn fine moments throughout the show’s seven-year run. There’s also another “perky” personality that, while it isn’t always in the spotlight, we’re sad to be leaving it “behind”: Ben’s freaking butt.

It’s not a character in the obvious sense, but the tush been brought up so many times during the last few seasons that it deserves a little retrospective of its own. Plus, who doesn’t want to gander at a booty Leslie’s described as “a butt so perfect it could make an angel hang itself”? Hit play below and, as the wise Donna would say, treat yo’ self!

(Via TV Guide)

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