Treat Yo’ Self To The 10 Best GIFs From Last Night’s ‘Parks And Recreation’

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STOP. POPPING. “Flu Season 2” had a lot to live up to, which is to say, it had to compete against perspiring dreamboat Rob Lowe ordering himself to cease defecating in a mirror. That’s one of the single greatest scenes in Parks and Recreation (and sitcom) history, and while nothing in last night’s episode quite compared to it, “Flu Season 2” still continued the show’s excellent run of late.

That’s because it was barely about the flu. We learn early on that Andy’s sneezing, Leslie’s puking, and Larry’s trapped in a bubble, but by the end of the episode, Andy’s harmonizing with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy (Summerteeth 4 Life!), Leslie learns she’s pregnant, and Larry, well, I’m not sure what happened to Larry, so let’s assume he’s dead. Or he maybe he made it out safe and sound, I dunno. “Flu Season 2” could have been repeat of former glories, but instead, it used everyone getting sick as a template to tell an entirely new batch of stories. Including Baby Knope. Maybe it’s the blueberry wine talking, but I thought Megan Amram and Dave King, who co-wrote the episode, did a fine job at making us NOT groan that, ugh, this sitcom’s in its sixth season; of course the female protagonist is pregnant.

I want a kid for Leslie (and Ben) as much as I did Liz Lemon.

Partially because we’ll never spend much time with him/her (assuming next season is the show’s last, which I’m guessing it will be). Parks already has one magnificent baby in Andy; there’s no need to add another. Also, words don’t do Eagleton Ron justice, so here’s Sam Elliot talking about beef.

1. Is Roger McGuinn available?

bob dylan friendsbob dylan friends 2bob dylan friends 3bob dylan friends 4

2. The First Aid Kid.

first aid andyfirst aid andy 2first aid andy 3first aid andy 4

3. Solid advice.

ron wine

4. You and me both, April.

april stupid peopleapril passions

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