Trevor Noah Called Out Mitch McConnell’s Double Standard When Telling Corporations To Shut Up About Georgia’s New Voter Laws

The new voter laws enacted by Republicans in Georgia are so extreme — and so clearly intended to limit voters who may vote for Democrats — that even corporations came out against them. Coke, Delta, even the MLB, who moved this year’s All-Star game from Atlanta to Denver, have publicly condemned the changes. That’s led conservatives to condemn the condemnation, but when Mitch McConnell told those companies to stay out of politics — while still donating to campaigns, of course — his double standard got him roundly mocked.

Trevor Noah joined in on the dunking. On Wednesday’s The Daily Show, the host played the viral clip of the former Senate Majority Leader scolding companies. “Republicans buy stock, fly on planes, drink Coca-Cola. It is quite stupid to jump in the middle of a highly controversial issue,” he said. He then tried to clarify that politicians still need their money. “I’m not talking about political contributions. Most of them contribute to both sides, they have political action committees, that’s fine, it’s legal, it’s appropriate, I support it.”

Naoh boiled down what McConnell was really saying: “Keep your mouth shut and hand over the money!”, adding, “That’s literally what bank robbers say.”

The Daily Show host also pointed out that McConnell is to blame anyway. “It’s hilarious, since he helped create the situation where they are so dependent on campaign money that the corporations write the laws. The monster you created is coming after you!” he said. “By the way, I like how McConnell is upset they would take a position on a highly controversial issue. It would be weird if Coca-Cola came out and said, “It is nice to sleep in on the weekend!”

You can watch the segment in the tweet embedded above.