Trevor Noah Made His First Post-Hosting Announcement ‘Daily Show’ Appearance, And It Was Kind Of Weird

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04.29.15 7 Comments

Hypothetical situation here: Say you’ve got a beloved late night host who announces he’s stepping down from his post. Then shortly after, it’s revealed that his replacement is a relative newcomer with only a few appearances to his credit, to much controversy, which heightens when it’s revealed that said newcomer has some skeletons in his closet in the form of some bad jokes. So, following all of this, how do you think you’d want to reintroduce the new guy to viewers? With a one-on-one interview or knock-out segment?

Just kidding! This obviously isn’t a hypothetical situation, but it makes The Daily Show‘s decision to feature Trevor Noah last night — in the capacity that they did — a puzzling one. In the middle of a segment about Democrats and Republicans working together on prison reform featuring Daily Show corespondent Hasan Minhaj, Noah appeared out of nowhere while Minhaj was interviewing the executive director of the Coalition for Public Safety, to give him awkward interviewing tips.

His appearance lasted for all of a minute. It felt disjointed, and it out of left field. Being that Minhaj has been on The Daily Show slightly longer than Noah and has made many more appearances (this was only Noah’s fourth), the angle of Noah coaching Minhaj didn’t even make sense.

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