Watch Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Insult Ted Cruz About Being ‘Neutered’ By Trump Right To His Face

The midterms elections are finally here, and even with close races across the country as Democrats attempt a so-called “blue wave,” all eyes are on the Texas Senate race between incumbent junior Senator Ted Cruz and fresh-faced newcomer Beto O’Rourke. So with Conan on hiatus this week, Stephen Colbert “borrowed” Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to send down to the lone star state to gauge the vibes at Beto and Cruz rallies.

And unlike his coverage of the 2016 election, this time Triumph got face time with both candidates. As such, while reporting from a Democratic early-voting event in Houston, eventually the cigar-holding puppet dog encountered Beto in the wild. After some playful back-and-forth ribbing, Triumph turned his attention to Beto’s opponent.

“This is the man, what’s Ted Cruz have that you don’t have?” Besides the ability to regenerate his tail,” Triumph cracked, as Beto tried his best not to laugh.

Next up was Harlingen, Texas, where Triumph announced, “I’m here at the Ted Cruz rally, or a Duck Dynasty cosplay convention, not 100 percent sure.” Wandering through the crowds, roasting Cruz to his own supporters — many of whom couldn’t help but laugh at their own candidate’s expense — Triumph finally came across his white whale.

“Ted, is it true you will defend the constitution at all costs? Except for when Donald Trump calls it ugly on Twitter,” Triumph joked right to his face, evoking the time from the 2016 primaries when Trump insulted Cruz’s wife on Twitter.

“Just remember, it wasn’t the Republicans, it was the Democrats that took you into the vet to get fixed,” Cruz came back with, at his best attempt of a joke. “I support spaying and neutering, just like Trump did to you,” Triumph quickly shot back, adding his trademark catchphrase, “I kid! I kid!”

Whether Cruz gets the ultimate neutering at the polls on Tuesday remains to be seen, but we’ll find out soon enough.