Triumph’s World Cup Adventure Concludes With A Trip To Brazil To Sniff The World’s Best Butts

Creative Director
06.27.14 11 Comments

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog‘s hilarious World Cup report was so vastly entertaining that the fine folks at Conan had to break it up into three parts. It’s probably the best trilogy since Back to the Future, if we’re being totally honest.

Having already pooped on soccer fans in Queens and done the same in Manhattan, Triumph grows a bit tired of American viewing parties during this final installment. (He also makes an ill-advised Mexican cartel joke that likely has him fearing for his life.) So he says goodbye to the United States with a quick humping tour, then heads to World Cup host country Brazil to take in some soccer and sniff some butts. But mostly sniff butts. It’s kinda his thing.

(Via Team Coco)

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