True Blood Will Have A Fifth Season And Other News From The TCA Critics Tour

07.29.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

B stands for blood type and cup size.

Alan Ball, creator, executive producer and Dracula, of True Blood announced during the show’s panel at the TCA TV Critics press tour that not only will his hit show have a 5th season, but he will still be calling the shots. The confirmation came in response to questions about season 4 being his last run with the top vampire softcore porn show on cable. I guess you could say that Alan isn’t taking his Ball and running home.

*pulls bat out of pants, falls into coffin full of pudding*

“I have no desire to leave,” he said. “Doing the show, I’m having more fun than I have ever had in my life.” He later said that he and the show’s writers are already breaking stories for Season 5 and one of them is about “how one of the vampires was made.” (Via Deadline)

But if True Blood news is all you expected from the TCA, boy are you wrong.

As Matt previously reported, with Frank Darabont gone, Glen Mazzara is indeed running The Walking Dead now. Confident-but-sad zombies will continue on for brains.

Meanwhile, Joe Gayton, creator of AMC’s upcoming awesome-looking Hell on Wheels, acknowledged that his drama about the creation of the transcontinental railroad has been drawing comparisons to HBO’s Deadwood, since they are both based on historical events and places. But he’s not worried about those comparisons being criticisms.

“I think we wanted to find our own way and separate ourselves from ‘Deadwood,’ said “Hell on Wheels” show runner Joe Gayton during a morning panel at the TV summer media tour in Beverly Hills, but “if there are favorable comparisons to ‘Deadwood,’ I’ll take them.” (Via LA Times)

Plus, Deadwood gave us naked Ron Swanson. Nobody can repeat that success.

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