Someone Set ‘True Detective’ To The ‘Friends’ Theme Song And The Results Are Hilarious

So maybe this season of True Detective wasn’t what everyone was expecting. But while it may not have had the same frenzied response as season one, it at least gave us some really good content to make fun of. From Woody Harrelson’s Marty reacting to season two with a primal scream to a list of the season’s greatest staring contests, this season’s been nothing but fruitful for those of us ready to put all our thoughts about the show on the internet. But as the shouts and murmurs die out with the season’s end, there’s one more video you need to see: a mashup of True Detective and the Friends theme song. (WARNING: SPOILERS)

Yes, it’s unconventional, but it’s also very, very worth it. And for anyone who thought this season was even more depressing than the last, this short video might just lift your spirits while you wait for whatever show will grip you with the same fear and anticipation as True Detective‘s first season.

(Via YouTube)