TruTV Is Developing A ‘Veep’-Like Sitcom Starring … Shaq?

01.23.15 5 years ago 7 Comments
Basketball star Shaquille O'Neal (L) greets US Pre

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Hey, do you like Veep, HBO’s offbeat and profane sitcom about an ambitious but bumbling politician who is trying to rise through the ranks of the Washington elite with the assistance of her ambitious but bumbling staff? You do? Great!

Okay, now picture that, but replace politics, a prestige network like HBO, and Seinfeld alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus with business, TruTV, and Kazaam alum Shaquille O’Neal, and call it Shaq, Inc.!

Wait, why are you looking at me like that?

Said to be in the tone of Veep, the scripted comedy follows O’Neal and the team who runs his businesses. The offbeat, yet capable, group juggles the mayhem of managing Shaq’s existing products and endorsements while implementing his latest batch of eccentric and oftentimes brilliant business ideas. While they’re all working towards the same goal, each employee is constantly jockeying for the power and recognition to make the big guy proud. [Deadline]

This show would be 100x better if by “Said to be in the tone of Veep” they meant Shaq would be playing the Vice President of the United States. Maybe one of his fake minions can pitch that and Season 2 can be about the campaign. Hahahaha, “Season 2.” Look at me making jokes. We have fun.

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