TV Avalanche Podcast, Episode 29: ‘Zoo’ And ‘Game Of Thrones’ (With Vox’s Caroline Framke)

Welcome to another episode of TV Avalanche, where we try to sort out the best, worst, and most interesting things happening in Peak TV.

The time has come to talk about Zoo. This is true for a few reasons. One, because the CBS summer drama is nuts and insane and maybe the most fun show on television right now. And two, because Alan made the mistake of leaving me in charge while he took a much-deserved vacation, and dammit, I want to talk about Zoo. Luckily, Vox culture writer Caroline Framke — a fellow Zoo fanatic — was kind enough to join me so I didn’t sound like a crazy person, just rambling into a microphone by myself for an hour. We covered as many twists and turns as we could remember, including discussions about:

  • Giant invisible snakes
  • Bob Benson from Mad Men heaving a car into a volcano
  • Kamikaze bats killing Brit-pop loving bird scientists in Antarctica

And more!

Then, we dove into “Beyond the Wall,” the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season. It was… it was a lot.

This was a blast.

00:00-55:05 — A vast and winding Zoo appreciation
55:05-1:22:58 — Game of Thrones: “Beyond the Wall” spoilers

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